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Stratum Health System: Care Across the Continuum

Stratum Health System is a nonprofit, integrated network providing care and support to people facing chronic or advanced illness. The Stratum family of companies helps patients live as comfortably and meaningfully as possible and offers assistance to their families and caregivers along the way. As their illness advances, Stratum offers a layer of medical and emotional support services that provides compassionate care across the continuum.

Help you manage your health care needs wherever you live.

Establish a comprehensive system enabling access to post-acute health care services, which benefit the community and other health care organizations.

Stratum Health System was created in 2015 to serve as holding company overseeing the patient care services and related business operations of Tidewell Hospice and its affiliated companies.
The foundation of Stratum is based on the strong reputation, financial strength and capacity of growth established by Tidewell, while capitalizing on the strength of each of its entities in order to adapt to the future of the post-acute health care landscape.